The art of Tarinn Schafer is a product of her world, her dreams, fears, and hopes. It is more than a visually pleasing arrangement of brush strokes on a canvas, the colors and shapes creating a landscape that is not an escape, but a contrast and counterpoint to what is.
Through all stages of her life art was an important pillar over the abyss of a not-so-dreamy American life, with forms and function of her creativity continuously changing but leaving imprints that never quite fade. From poems and collages that opened the door into a less miserable world for a little girl, to stories and novels processing the wealth of impressions left by regular library visits, as well as her aethereal photography exhibited in northeast galleries, her creative work was often more private than public and had to yield to the realities of a woman making her way through life among many peers but without any support.

It is against this background that her current paintings are the expressions of a creative, carefully optimistic, and sometimes fragile soul trying to make sense of what is wrong in our society and using colors to soothe her soul as well as the observers’.